samedi 5 avril 2008

Beach Rugby Tournament

30 Girls, 30 under 12 and 50 Senior players launched the first Beach Rugby Tournament in Ghana, Sunday 30th march at Labadi Beach.
Sunday 30th March 2008, 1 p.m. Accra Warriors Rugby Football Club held the First of a planned regular Monthly Rugby Tournament Event with 10 teams of 7 players Youth Boys and Girls Local Schools and seniors from Rugby Clubs. Rugby is likely to be the next mass participating and spectator sport in Ghana. Our purpose is to promote Rugby in Ghana and provide an insight into the game to those who may not necessary be able to see or play the game.

Our long term aim is to increase the club base in Accra and beyond so that current and future Schools playing rugby have a progression or continuum from the schools into clubs is providing the future platform for local and national competition and a development structure for the international Game of the future including schools internationals.

Thanks to our Sponsors for this first tournament are Labardi Beach Resort, CoCa Cola, SG-SSB and TIGO

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